Forming And Job Safety

Separation between the terminals of horizontal output equipment is provided with isolation plates. This way, operator’s accidental contact with power busbar inside the section or output equipment in terminal section is prevented.

Separation plates used on bottom and top of horizontal output equipment plays a role to avoid hand contact in operational mistakes, and also protects equipment from each other in arc and short circuit conditions. (In Form 2a-4b options)

Air circuit breaker sections are separated from top and bottom sections and input-output terminals inside its own section with sheet metal, and input-output terminals are separated from each other with plastic insulation sheet. This way, accidental contact of operator with conductors is prevented / limited. (In Form 2a-4b options)

In cable outlet modules, main busbar is separated with isolation plate and contact of operator to main busbar is prevented. (In Form 2 and higher options)

Connection of outlet cables with terminals is closed with the box housing and contact of operator with terminal contacts is prevented. (In Form 4b options)